If your business depends upon the completeness, accuracy, security, and integrity of your data, then opt for a reliable client-server database engine such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle.

Do not be misled by false claims of client-server reliability when the database is built using a desktop "shared-file" database architecture, such as that offered by Microsoft Access. Microsoft Access is suitable for very small workgroups only. On a busy network it is highly susceptible to database corruption.

We know Access well and use it often but never for anything mission-critical; it does well as quick query tool on relatively small datasets, and because it supports "heterogeneous joins" it is good for working with data kept in more than one database, e.g. creating a query that connects data in Oracle to an Excel spreadsheet.

Desktop Application Design Our desktop applications are created using Microsoft .NET and are written in C# and VB.NET

Website Design We design websites and browser-deployed applications using the following platforms and technologies:
  • Microsoft ASP.NET running on Windows Server
  • 100% client-side HTML/XHTML with AJAX calls to RESTful webservices
  • Adobe Flash
  • Microsoft Silverlight

Legacy Database Support We also have expertise in the PICK database (and the several leading licensee versions) which is used by many large law firms for time-accounting.